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How Clean Windows Reflect Your Brand

Let’s face it – we’re all busy right?  If you’re not, you’ve got another problem.   But you should do yourself a favor and take a moment and examine how your business appears to the outside world, particularly your windows.

It’s true.  Want proof?  Let’s do a thought experiment!

Let’s say you and your special someone are celebrating an anniversary and decide to go for a nice dinner at your favorite “classy” restaurant – you know-the ones that are immaculately clean and have a dress code?  You’ve been planning this special night for a long time. You’ve taken the extra time to fancy yourself up and looking your best. You even got the car washed and waxed.   When you arrive at the restaurant and walk up to the glass door in your favorite leather dress shoes, you take a glance at the door in front of you and all you can see is what appears to be a collage of fingerprints that was started in the mid ’80s.  So what…maybe they had a busy day and didn’t have time to clean the door?   Ok, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.   But imagine you’re then seated in a booth with a window view that looks out onto a lake outside.   But you can’t enjoy the view because all you can focus on are the stains from what you hope to be tomato sauce.   Would  you be able to enjoy your dinner knowing that what was once your favorite classy and clean restaurant had neglected to give attention to their window cleaning?   If they didn’t bother to clean what is visible…what else do you suppose they didn’t bother to clean that we can’t see?   Is this still the “classy” place it once was?

I think you can agree that window cleaning is just as important as any other area of your business.  It’s a reflection of who you are, what you value, and what message you send to your customers.  No matter what your brand or image has been in the past, it can quickly go downhill without your care and attention.

Your customers are everything.  They’re why you’re in business.   What would it cost if you lost just one loyal customer due to a dirty perception?   What about two, or three?  They start adding up quick.  Now compare this with the minimal cost it takes to keep your brand looking good with window cleaning?   It doesn’t even compare.

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