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New View Window Cleaning
Knoxville, TN

Our Story

New View Window Cleaning has humble beginnings.  One day I was asked by a friend to give him a hand with his window cleaning business for a few days. Always willing to help my friends and earn a few extra dollars, I agreed.  What I found was unexpected: I actually enjoyed doing the work, and very surprisingly I saw that it was therapeutic and mutually beneficial to both the window cleaner and of course the client.  Cleaner, newer looking windows actually made the client happier and in turn it brought a smile to my face knowing that I helped that person have a brighter day.

With that I launched my own window cleaning business and have kept that same outlook ever since.  Windows that were once dark and gave cloudy views, with a little effort and care can be transformed and enhanced to let us see the remarkable beauty that surrounds us.

Why Choose New View?

Our vision is to help your home or business look its best, and to literally brighten your day!  We clean with 100% all-natural, biodegradable products – never harsh chemicals.

As a small, family owned and operated business we welcome you to get to know us, so you’ll never need to worry about inviting a stranger inside.  We are driven by principles like the Golden Rule so we take care to respect your property as if it were ours, and will take care not to track dirt from our shoes, leave trash behind, or do anything that would reflect poorly upon our service and leave you with a bad impression.

We want to earn your business and your trust.  We hope to brighten your day and bring a smile to your face with each New View.