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New View Window Cleaning
Knoxville, TN

Our Services

New View provides reliable, affordable, and above all – quality window cleaning for your business and home.  We leave your windows in a condition that will put a smile on your face.


Your home is your sanctuary. Why shouldn’t it look it’s best?  Our residential service includes a thorough cleaning inside and out of your windows and frames.  French panes, outside lamps? No problem – those are all included in your quote.  Upon request we also clean screens or other items you’d like.


Restaurants, store fronts, office buildings, rental property, car dealerships – you name it, we clean it!  Just let us know how frequent you’d like to have your cleaning, and we’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse!  We also realize that certain times are better than others, and we certainly don’t want to be an interruption to your business.  As such, we’re flexible are will do our best to schedule the service times around your needs.

Products and Equipment

No harsh smelling chemicals here!  Since we love our planet Earth, we use our own specially formulated blend of natural and biodegradable ingredients that is sure to make you forget all about those traditional store-bought cleaners – and we will absolutely never use a gimmicky foam spray on your glass.

We also prefer to use premier equipment for everything: sprayers, scrubbers, squeegees,towels, etc. in order to provide the safest and most effective tools to help us get your windows looking their best!

Second Levels and Beyond

Our preference is to not use ladders unless absolutely necessary.  In most cases, we’re able to use extension poles up to 24′.  In our experience most customers prefer this method as well since it reduces the risk of damage to their property.


New View Window Cleaning is both licensed and insured to comply with all local requirements and to ensure protection to your property.